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Serigrafball awared at the Territoire Innovation Trophies

Serigrafball awared at the Territoire Innovation Trophies

Publié le 5 May 2021

Serigrafball regional winner of the “coup de cœur” category

Already the happy winner of the Creative Factory, Serigrafball has officially been elected Coup de Coeur of the Territories Innovation Trophies 2018. Since 2009, these trophies have highlighted innovations brought by companies from different Pays de la Loire departments.

“Serigrafball was elected live from the regional grand final”

The Territories Innovations Trophies

Organised for almost ten years by the API press agency and the CCO, the objective of these Territories Innovations Trophies is to promote economic innovations and entrepreneurs who invest financial and human resources in innovative projects. Recompense for the winners, a great opportunity to highlight their projects and develop their networks. Since the creation of these Trophies, 114 companies from various business sectors have already been awarded. Each year, the candidate’s preselection is made at the departmental level. In each of the five departments of Pays de la Loire, four companies are selected to represent their department: one candidate for each of the categories proposed by the Trophies. This year, even the Trophies innovate, by replacing their historic designation with awards in thematic categories. A new approach that aims to promote the entire value creation process presented by the candidates :

• Transformation category: for companies whose innovation has already had an impact, promoting their economic development.

• Revolution category: for start-ups or other companies in the launch phase that present an innovation with high potential.

• Catégorie Hybridation: for projects that stand out for the collaborative work that has led to the emergence of innovation.

• Tria Category: for projects bringing together elements from the previous categories and which therefore illustrate the concept of the Third Industrial Revolution.

Serigrafball, the public’s favourite

To shed more light on the business potential and publicly support innovative projects, a fifth category has been initiated this year: the public’s favourite. Serigrafball was thus named Loire-Atlantique’s favourite, as part of its new hyper-personalisation project for sports balls for the general public. If it is the Territoires Innovations Trophies jury that chooses the companies competing for this Trophy, it is the Internet users who have chosen the final winner among the five departmental favorites. The winner has been elected in live during the final region which took place on June, 28; in Terra Botanica, the vegetal park in Angers. In front of more than 500 economics leaders and politicals actors, all departmental winners have the opportunity to introduce in live their project in order to win the trophy belonging to their category. Discover the API article on Serigrafball here. A big thank you to all for your votes!


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