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Product details


All of our handballs are printed by silkscreen. High optimal quality of marking on sports balls.


Our handballs are tailor-made and fully customised. Available in sizes : 3, 2, 1, 0.


The number of cotton layers, the materials used … As experts, we advise you in-depth on the components of your handball.


Specific design


From the promotional quality up to leisure


100 pieces

We are crazy

here no kung fu! Our technical background is in the product itself: the handball. We specifically and fully produce any type of custom handball. Our know-how gives us the chance to offer you all types of quality: from the promotional ball up to the IHF standardised competition ball!

Our player impact?

Our graphic cell: we custom 100% of your handball visual, to your colors. Do you appreciate the power of the Karabatic brothers? We will offer you graphic compositions with a strong visual impact. Do you rather admire the mastery of Jackson Richardson? We will offer you minimalist and effective creations that will delight your customers.


Find our entire handball range on Sourcing City.



4 weeks(production time)

Express delivery

2-3 weeks(import + delivery)

Air delivery

3-4 weeks(import + delivery)

Sea delivery

11 weeks(import + delivery)

or or
* these delivery times are guaranteed

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