Mini ball

Product details


All of our mini balls are printed by silkscreen. High optimal quality of marking on sports balls.


Our mini balls are fully customisable on each request. Possibility to work on a specific design. Available in foot and rugby.


The number of cotton layers, the materials used … As experts, we advise you in-depth on the components of your mini ball.


Unlimited number of colors
Specific design


Hand-made or mechanical production
Available in 32 or 12 panels
(with a diameter of 15 or 12 centimetres)


300 pieces

Mini format

We specifically and fully produce any type of mini balls. Our know-how gives us the chance to offer you mini footballs and rugby balls.

Our impact player ?

Our graphic cell: we custom 100% of your mini ball visual, matched to your colors. Keep the originality and the communication power of the sports ball by offering a mini ball. Compact and very playful, it is an easy product to offer during large marketing operations with limited budgets.


Find our entire mini ball range on Sourcing City.



4 weeks(production time)

Express delivery

2 weeks(import + delivery)

Air delivery

3-4 weeks(import + delivery)

Sea delivery

8 weeks(import + delivery)

or or
* these delivery times are guaranteed

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