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Olympique Lyonnais

Club in constant evolution and development since the 2000s and its seven consecutive French championship titles, Olympique Lyonnais is one of the benchmarks of the French football championship. From its track record to its feminine section, through his recent Groupama stadium, l’OL rooted dynamism in its club policy. Activity which is also felt in its merchandising activities, that SGBALL strives to continue over the years, passing by the production of the merchandising balls for the club.

United to roar

Graphic ball, refined design, Christmas ball creation… The club‘s dynamism is felt in its merchandising balls.


Olympique Lyonnais works on its balls like a real merchandising product, with a reflection close to a fashion boutique. New visuals adorn the store over the years, in reference to the season, actuality, or even club’s communication. A real sales cycle strategy based on constant innovations make it a very pleasant partner to work with. The club itself asks for new things and is always open to new ideas; which gives a perpetual inspiration around the balls that we make in their colors!

Audrey - Project Manager for Clubs

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