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Hublot claims his love for football.

The first luxury brand to have entered this universe, Hublot has developed a tailor-made smartwatch for referees.

In parallel with this release, the watchmaker reunited players, coaches, and football legends for a photoshoot around a football that has been specially designed for the brand’s campaign and produced by SGBALL.

Hublot + football = Love

Around the very graphic ball, designed on the Hublot loves football theme, other models, more minimalist and refined have been produced.


The particularity of the project lies in the graphic part of the product. An apprehension work on the design by our graphic designers is important in order to work on each panel’s connexion.

Here, the manual assembly has been favored, a guarantee of quality for the continuity of the graphics. The finish of the coating was voluntarily chosen to be glossy, in order to reinforce the expected contrast with the very neutral photos.

On the technical side, this ball has the same qualities as a good match ball, with a 1.6mm PU outer surface and 4 cotton layers internally, for a total weight of 440g.

Clément - Project manager

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