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Do you have a good hand? Win a ball! Winamax, the famous poker website supports its line of sports communication with the integration of products referring to the football world.

Became the first online poker website, then one of the leaders sports betting sites, Winamax sponsors several professional football clubs. A nice environment in which SGBALL imagine and produce football and beach soccer ball.

Big odds, nice balls.

A 70’s football design with a revisited version. The famous 32 white and black panels ball gives way to the graphic pattern evoking the W of Winamax.


Winamax universe is very graphical. From its logo to its visual communication, the reader’s eye always retains very strong, electric, and tonic elements, which makes the brand‘s singularity. This is the real particularity of this online site, which succeeds in creating a real brand image and identity. We are in real branding and on codes that are used by sports fashion brands. It was, therefore, necessary to imagine balls with a strong identity, and that the design be truly representative and identity.

Simon - Marketing Director

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