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The Heineken brewer, historical UEFA champion’s league partner activated a communication operation during Euro football. Foot balls with the design of the Heineken bottles and these famous stars in the colors of the different country participating in the competition have been realised and produced by SGBALL.

Beer spirit on a ball

On the minimalist design, graphical stars in the colors of the different countries participating in Euro football surround the logo of the famous beer brand.


The Heineken file, on the surface easy to realise, in fact, hides a technical subtlety requiring a real understanding of design and workshops during its design and manufacture. The stars that can be found on the bottles and which have been drawn by worldwide artists play the main role in the brand’s communication campaign. It was, therefore, essential to find them identically on the ball. Different artists’ creations including gradients and color schemes that can not be transcribed by silk screen printing, it was necessary to combine different types of printing on the same ball. The panels which represent countries are produced in digital printing, while the rest of the soccer ball is produced in silk screen printing.

Nicolas - Purchasing Assistant

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