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On the fringe of the last Football Euro, Nutella launched a big communication campaign within its distributor’s stores: for 2 Nutella jars purchased = 1 customisable ball with its name offered.

The meeting of sport, historically rooted in the communication of the famous spread brand, and “Do it yourself” introduced recently with the personalisation of Nutella jars. This ball naming operation has been a real challenge carried out by SGBALL.

2 jars purchased = 1 naming ball offered

A football with a refined design. The pentagons take up the red of Nutella’s graphic charter, whose logo is visible on one side. The other side is intended for the naming.


The whole challenge was based on the technical aspect of the naming personalisation. The good quality footballs are printed by silkscreen. This induces notions of fixed costs for the realisation of the tools, and therefore of mass production. We had to develop a process allowing silk screen printing of unique names and in two colors. Then, the product’s tracing side has been another challenge to take up; when the balls arrived in Nutella’s warehouses, the logisticians had to have direct visibility of the final destination of each product. All of this with more than 60 000 pieces. This file is clearly a part of the productions that have made SGBALL grow by pushing our limits and developing new processes.

Louis - Purchasing Director

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