All of our vintage balls are printed by silkscreen. High optimal quality of marking on sports balls.


All of our vintage balls are on the official size and weight. They are tailor-made and fully customisable.


The number of cotton layers, the materials used … As experts, we advise you in-depth on the components of your vintage ball.


Silkscreen and/or embossing
Tailor-made design


Natural cow leather or imitation leather
Available in size 5, mini or keyrings,
Several formats available


50 pieces minimum

Step Back

We specifically and fully produce any type of custom vintage ball. Our know-how gives us the chance to offer you vintage foot, rugby, and basketballs, with laces as well as keyrings.

Our impact player ?

Our graphic cell: we custom 100% of your vintage ball visual, matched to your colors. Each event is unique and deserves un memorable memories. The vintage ball is a timeless product and tailor-made, it’s also a collector object which will create an exclusive bond with your client.


4 weeks

2 weeks

3-4 weeks

8 weeks

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