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Racing 92

The legendary Colombes rugby club, with six French championship titles and two times vice European champion, is one of the emblematic clubs of the Top 14. The first club to be French champion in 1892, Racing 92 has a strong heritage that continues year after year. Their famous sky blue and white sailor top crosses the ages and is an essential graphic element of the club’s merchandising balls, developed and produced by SGBALL.

The Hauts-de-Seine club

Le bleu ciel et le blanc sont les couleurs représentatives du club, omniprésentes sur les ballons de rugby. Le best seller étant le traditionnel ballon à rayures, reprenant le visuel du maillot et du blason du Racing 92.

Sky blue and white are the representative colors of the club, omnipresent on rugby balls. The best seller being the traditional striped ball, using the design of the Racing 92 jersey and crest


The Racing 92 club is an entity with two images: on the one hand classic thanks to its heritage, and the other capable of eccentricity with the entries of players on the field dressed in bow ties or berets … balls made for this club are completely in the image of this duality: on one side very classic balls showing the graphic identity of the club and its stripes, on the other very visual and creative balls, drawn in handmade by artists. Two aspects that make it a very inspiring club with which we work a complete range of balls, but also supporters ‘products with flags and supporters’ scarves.

Audrey - Project Manager for Clubs

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