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RTL2 & Fun Radio

For several years, RTL2 and FUN RADIO have been accompanying the tours of the beaches of the French Football Federation and the French Rugby Federation.

Around this summery and friendly atmosphere, SGBALL imagined and produced rugby and beach soccer balls for the two radio stations, like the event and around the RTL2 and FUN RADIO graphic charters.

Sea, sound & sport.

A graphic rugby ball around stylised waves and a beach soccer ball with electric geometric shapes make up this production.



The FUN RADIO and RTL2 files alone sum up our work as a designer within SGBALL. Here we are in a real visual creation work, identical to that of a communication agency: compared to a typical event, we create a graphic design inspired by the universe and the client’s graphic charter. Our goal is always to offer a ball that is graphically out of the ordinary, but that fits in with our client’s line of communication. A great challenge that will add value to the product!

Pauline - Graphic Designer

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