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Orange, whose notoriety was built around the sport, became an important actor in sports sponsorships, by connecting partnerships with several Top 14 and Ligue 1 clubs, as well as the national football and rugby teams. During their marketing launching, the balls produced by SGBALL hold an essential position as a brand’s values representative.

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XV de France’s partner for more than 20 years, Orange has launched a huge awareness program for young people. The aim: To encourage them to take down screens to take a ball instead.


There are projects which seduce by their story. This one is particularly lovely. The ball in general is a very federating object and wears strong values. When we work indirectly to make it as a spokesperson for an awareness speech, that gives a lot of meaning to our work. Make this ball with the full package (cotton bag and wooden tee) has been a real pleasure. The design takes the brand’s graphic codes and we wanted to give it a dynamic aspect of the colors and shapes present at the tips of the ball. We really wanted to create this sporting aspect on this product to influence, even more, young people to use it!

Clément - Project manager

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