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Stade de France

Built to see the Blues take down their first Grail, the Stade de France is the brand that hosts the most international events in the world. An essential sporting and cultural place in the capital, it has transformed the dream of thousands of French people into reality, by offering them the finals of the Champions League, the H Cup, Euro 2016 matches, Cups, and World Championships, without forgetting the concerts of the most popular artists!

A French welcome by excellence

SGBALL has developed a vintage mini football, in high-end leather, representing a unique gift for privileged supporters of the Blues. The golden writing and the visible stitching underline its exclusive side. Placed on a wooden support, it will keep a memory of the match. This original present with a refined design is part of the search for a better VIP experience: the set is completed with a customizable cotton bag that makes the packaging discreet and practical.


Stade de France contacted us with a simple brief: develop a product that could amplify the hospitality offer. The idea was to make an exceptional ball that could be offered in the lounges and would please fans of the France Team. We wanted to create an item that would highlight French football and that could easily find a privileged place in the office or the living room of the guests of the Stade de France. In line with the VIP experience, we set out to develop an authentic football ball, providing this spherical product with wooden support and adding a packaging with a minimalist graphic design

Clément – project manager

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