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The production

The production

Our production of balls

At the heart of the specialised country

Part of our sports ball production is based in a region straddling Pakistan and India called Punjab. This is THE global region that has the cultural know-how of producing the ball by hand, ensuring a product of optimal quality. In addition to its history, this knowledge is explained in particular by the wealth of this region: with an area of ​​305,706 km2, most of the Punjabi territory consists of a fertile alluvial plain, irrigated by numerous rivers and an important network of canals. These geographical assets make it possible to develop wealth such as cotton or leather, raw materials necessary for the realisation of a ball.

We also produce machine-stitched balls in our Chinese partner factories. We are closely linked with these countries, having lived there for several years, strong and close links have been forged with our partner factories to the point that professional experience has turned into a real human adventure.

How do we work?

With us, all our staff is communication specialists, skilled in technical ball know-how. An explosive mix to allow you to deliver the right message on the right product.

Like a communication agency, we draw up a client brief and carry out each design specifically with our teams of graphic designers. We ban the pre-established design catalogs. Make way for No-limit creation for a guaranteed “Wow!” effect.

The design is validated, the technical quality too? We specifically produce each order in our partner factories. We are not working on a stored product that would limit customisation: each ball is screen printed, stitched, then checked before being imported.

We take care of the import and delivery of your order to your requested address, or directly to your client’s address with the neutral delivery note.

Our customised sports balls

All our sports balls custom-made, stitched by hand, or machine. We adapt the type of production according to the utilisation of the ball, the technical quality, or the budget you have. All our balls are screen printed, by hand, this type of printing is a guarantee of quality and durability.

All technical grade definitions that you can find below are given as an example. The types of balls, materials, and sizes are customisable and adaptable according to each request.

Our job is to frame your ball creation by simplifying it and directing you, but nothing prevents us from going beyond this pre-defined framework. Do not hesitate to let us know your desires, as crazy as they are, we take great pleasure in pushing and developing our production process.

Do not hesitate to ask our intervention on the graphic part of the ball, our strength is to be able to go very far on this aspect with connections of a rare precision between the panels of the balls. Whether you would like a ball that is simply logoed or very graphic, a FIFA, IRB, FIVB, or promotional ball, we can take care of your request. Start by contacting us so that we can guide you!

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