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In the creative office: how our balls are born

In the creative office: how our balls are born

Publié le 5 January 2021

Behind the SGBALL backstage

SGBALL shares with you its manufacturing secrets, from the creative process to the production workshops.

“Communicating on a ball makes sense when the creative idea becomes the true graphic envelope of the product.”

There is a whole creative process before our balls land in the store, in your hands or even on your crampons. We said to ourselves that you would like to know the origin of our inspirations and our manufacturing secrets (not all of them …!) which make our balls unique products at your image.

The client brief

Every ball design is specific. Jo, our designer, impregnates in each client universe to produce products that perfectly match their image, and then add his personalized touch that makes THE difference.

With us, the creative team is mixed. We combine the communication expertise of our project managers with the creative effervescence of our designers. It is this productive mix that allows us to offer you balls that are both graphic and respect your technical constraints ! In the realisation, the design plays with the different materials and colors in order to highlight your object in all its aspects, so that the meeting with your partners is a guaranteed match.

The inspiration research

Jo’s strength is that he recreates your universe through graphics inspired by sports and fashion trends. This is how the matte metallic footballs were born!

The search for inspiration goes further when it comes to sport. The products evolve according to their communication objective, but also according to the news. The design pole gives free rein to its imagination, which produced achievements such as this ball inspired by Japan, which will host the Rugby World Cup next year. Its cherry-colored curves make a direct reference to Japanese culture through the many designs that one discovers as the ball is played.

We had a great time with this ball which hit the mark when it arrived in the offices… Congrats Jo !


Technical realisations

Communicate on a ball makes sense when the creative idea becomes the real graphic envelope of the product. Everything takes place in our Indian and Pakistani factories, which traditionally cultivate their knowledge of the ball and its materials. Each panel of the ball, from the rugby oval to the football pentagons and hexagons, is printed separately before being hand-made assembled. The intensity and durability of each color in the design are respected by the technical silk screen printing process, which guarantees the best print quality for our products.

The challenge importance

Shaking up the sport’s codes thanks to the ball is a team effort, and it is thanks to the historical know-how of our printing workshops that we can challenge our capacity for innovation with each new request for customisation, to offer products that push back the limits of creation.

Getting the ball out of its framework is a challenge. The ball has long remained locked in its traditional model, and knowing how to decipher the trends is also surprising you to create the crush. More than a design imagination, it is a question of evolving with our environment: after the KUBE balls, Serigrafball continues to shake up the codes of the ball with projects already awarded. But you don’t know everything ! These projects are full of surprises, and you will hear more about them this year … Stay tuned!

This is how our balls are born: inspired and inspiring exchanges produced by passionate creatives staff.


The edition.


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