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Street football is making a huge comeback in Brazil

Street football is making a huge comeback in Brazil

Publié le 4 May 2021

Street football is making a huge comeback in Brazil

On the occasion of National Football Day in Brazil, the ” Zézé Biscoitos ” biscuit brand wanted to bring children from the same neighborhood together by installing self-service footballs. A friendly campaign destined to detach young people from their game consoles.

“In case of football: open here”

In Pelotas, a city in Southeastern Brazil, children are busier playing football through the network than on the pitches in their neighborhood. Absorbed by FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, they would almost forget that the essential is down their street.

Balls in self-service

To the relief of some parents and football supporters, the brand of biscuits Zézé Biscoitos has found the perfect combination to give back to young Brazilians the pleasure of practicing outdoor sport, far from electronic devices.

In its own way of celebrating National Football Day, the local brand had the simple but effective enlightenment of making soccer balls available to the children of Fragata (one of the largest neighborhoods in Pelotas). Locked in what looks like fire extinguisher compartments, the balls appear behind a padlocked glass, and the traditional: “In case of fire, break the glass”, has been replaced by a more user-friendly message: “In case of football, open here “.

A campaign of sharing and conviviality service

A vector of sharing, respect, and conviviality, the only ball installed in different streets of Fragata is self-service thanks to the many keys distributed to young residents in the area. A great way to integrate the notion of fun and community while bringing children from the same neighborhood together.

This communication campaign signed by the Mark + agency has a name: “Bola da Rua” which means “Street Ball” in Portuguese.
Launched in mid-July, which corresponds to the start of the winter holidays in Brazil, it has been a real success on social networks, and new structures chosen by Internet users should soon see the light of day.

We almost felt a nostalgic air by seeing the sweatshirts as a goal, and the neighbors officiating the referee. In any case, traditional street football is not ready to be invaded by digital Neymar …


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