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Serendipity Sport : when fashion meets football

Serendipity Sport : when fashion meets football

Publié le 5 May 2021

Serendipity sport x FC football : A SGBALL creation

“ This summer, the concept store Serendipity Sport and the Galerie du Ballon are joining forces to celebrate Euro 2016 in a trendy and urban world. The fruit of their collaboration? A designer ball that breaks the codes of traditional football.

” Where sports meet the unexpected” blows the slogan of Serendipity Sport. In the balance between fashion and sports disciplines, the concept announces itself and upsets the codes of sport and trends. At the origin of this Parisian movement, Guillaume and Lucie Leguen – brother and sister – point to the sport as a new art of living through their ephemeral shops. Immersed in a staging that is both historic and urban, Serendipity Sport takes root where the sport is transformed into a design object. ”

Art ball

It is at the heart of this multidisciplinary project that the concept store joined the Le Ballon FC team in the creation of a unique balloon that responds to an arty universe common to both entities. True to its black and white colours, the ball nevertheless offers us a new football culture thanks to its fine stripes and irregular panels, which recall the strong and ubiquitous universe of Ballon FC. A piece of art, this leather ball produced at SGBALL celebrates all football and bears the Serendipity seal.

Available online, the ball is also present in a limited edition in the Ballon FC pop-up gallery located in the heart of the Marais throughout Euro 2016 (or even a little more). Shared between boutique, art gallery, and customisation workshops, Le Ballon FC offers fans of trendy football unique pieces and designer clothing from around the world such as Kevin Lyons, Amit Greenberg, Jean André, Steven Harrington, or Inès Longevial. And if you don’t have enough, Le Ballon FC opens the doors of its ephemeral bar to you while you wait for new projects to settle in the streets of Paris …

The edition.

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