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Borussia Dortmund

BV 09 Borussia Dortmund, commonly known as Borussia Dortmund, is one of the most famous clubs in Germany. The first German club to win a European Cup, Borussia Dortmund holds eight Bundesliga trophies and one Champions League trophy. Renowned for the fervour of its supporters and its famous “yellow wall”, it is an honour for SGBALL to design and produce merchandising balls for the supporters of a club which has the largest stadium in the German championship (80,720 seats).

Echte Liebe

At SGBALL, every year we develop several balls Size 5 for the club. The design is articulated around a play of colours contrasting between this bright yellow and this basic black, identity colours of the club.


BVB 09 is a historic club with international fame. Clubs like Borussia Dortmund, present for generations at the highest level, have a graphic charter and a style inked in the minds of the supporters.

The whole challenge of making merchandising products for Borussia Dortmund lies in being able to offer balls with a new, fresh style, without distorting the club’s footprint. To be innovative, by perpetuating the spirit of BVB 09 around subtle designs, this is our desire every year. For me, the partnership with this club is very exciting, because of the notoriety of the latter, but also for the creative games between this identity and contrasting yellow and black, which open up an interesting palette of inspiration, and collaborative work, and exhilarating advice.

Karolina - International Project Manager

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