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Semences de France

Semences de France shares its values with those of rugby.

Respect, team spirit, commitment, courage, surpassing oneself, sharing, friendliness are the concepts that represent them. We started from this observation to develop a range of rugby balls in their image.

With Sébastien Chabal as ambassador, it seemed obvious for us to highlight this partnership to strengthen their brand image.

Who sows French is proud of him

On the occasion of the agricultural trade show, we were able to develop a complete range of rugby balls. Keyring, mini balls, official balls as well as an XXL Giant ball 60cm long. The ideal product to catch the eye of the customer.

All the balls feature Sébastien Chabal‘s signature on one of their panels.


“The introduction of a complete range of rugby balls for Semences de France was a quite interesting project. Keyrings, mini balls, official balls and giant ball,  each have a different communication scope. The keyring is a small product that is easy to distribute on stands or at events. The mini balls and the official ball represent a range of varied gifts according to the brand’s customers. The giant ball catches the eye with its originality in a showcase or during trade fairs. We have offered different products depending on Semences de France events and communication campaigns.

After this product research, we made the designs according to the client’s brand guidelines and produced all the balls.

I have personally enjoyed pushing the codes of the classic rugby ball to develop this new outsized 60cm long ball.”

Clément – Project manager

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