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Stade Montois

Centenary Club, former champion of France and vice-champion of Europe, Stade Montois saw international French player as Guy et André Boniface, Benoit Dauga, Christian Darrouy shine in its lawn. It’s was at the moment where the Landes Club focus on its performance, to go up to the highest level, that SGBALL was asked to develop the merchandising range for the Stade Montois store.

Jaune et noir pour un rugby singulier

Designed by our team, the balls reflect the colours and identity of the Bees and put the logo of this historic club at the center of attention. A visible ball when playing rugby, which can only be an asset! SGBALL has also developed a simple scarf, which can be completed with a fan’s cap, flag, and key ring. Each of these products is unique in its composition, has its own style, and can be combined to showcase your pride in supporting loud and clear. Finally, mini ball “wasp-style” could add colour to your home or office.


« Le club existe depuis plus de 100 ans et a connu les plus hauts échelons de l’élite. Les yeux rivés sur l’avenir, le Stade Montois affirme ses ambitions, en ajoutant une tribune, des espaces de réception, des installations pour les entraînements. Par cette nouvelle gamme de produits dérivés, son site web dynamique, sa présence sur les réseaux sociaux, le club s’ouvre vers les jeunes générations. Nous sommes ravis de faire un bout de chemin avec le club et nous l’attendons de retour dans le Top 14 ».

“The club exists for more than 100 years and has known the highest echelons of the elite. Eyes on the future, Stade Montois affirms its ambitions, by adding a tribune, reception areas, training facilities. Through this new range of derivative products, its dynamic website, its presence on social networks, the club is open to the younger generations. We are delighted to come a long way with the club and we expect him to return to the Top 14”.

Audrey - Project manager for clubs

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